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Ohio Modified Tractor/Truck Pulling Association

Farmboy in the Fast Lane - Tony Panetta & Sam Spitler

Back in Black - David Coterel

Overtime - Renee Harper

Black Days - Vince Bick

Mr. Chevy - Randy Aber

Extreme Sting - Chuck Stingley

Flight 2-70 - Bob Evans

Neighbors Nightmare - Jay Gross

Muddpuppy - John Ward

Reannen Kiley - Spare Parts

2.5 4x4 Diesel Truck Division

​Sweet Revenge - Ernest Butts

Limited Light Super Stock Tractor Division

Just Passin Thru - Kerry Bowman

Blue Thunder - Todd & Mark Kise

Buckeye Bandit - Avery Adams

Mr. Bill's Toy - David Edwards

Teachers Pet - Tiffany Aber

Stage One - Tim Kirk

Jacob Gross - Sod Buster

Bandit - Tiffany Aber

It's Just Money - Nathan Dailey

Ronnie Hall - Hall Pass

 Ben Browder - Midnight Rose

Class Clown - Tiffany Aber

Kayla's Misfit - Mark Fryman

Chris Harper

​Big Boyz Dream - Mark Fryman

  Modified 2wd Truck Division

Super Chevy - Mike Aber

Uncle Danny's Dallas - Jared Wheeler

The Instigator - Derick Byers

Multi Engine Modified Tractor Division Members

Double Time - Brad Harper

Flying Tiger - Tony Panetta

JD Christy

Up N Gone - Mark Fryman

Mean Irene - Mike Hurtt, Mike Palmer & Craig Hurtt

The Driller - Walt Biggs

Cyclopz - Russell May

Midnight Express - Randy Aber

Nickle & Dime - Don Igo

Born Tough - Ryan Wilson

One Loose Screw - Boonie Baker

Family Feud - Mark Dawson

Double Shot - Jeremy Ellison

& Steve Brown

Load Runner - Cody Wheeler

Blew By U - Keith Gibson

Crazy Train - JD Clowes

Blown Income - Brian Reid

Single Engine Modified Tractor Division Members

Wahoooo - Bob Waller

Bound For Glory - Gene Gibson

JD 4020 - Brent Shupert

Jacked Up-Owen Money - Chris Stingley

Mark Huck - Second Hand Smoke

Whistlin' Dixie - Chris Moore

Bad Monkey - Greg Quallen

The Rebel Express - Devin Dawson