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Established in 2008, the OMTPA is a self insured association that provides First Class pulling equipment to fairs and organizations at affordable prices. We can provide you with one class or several depending on what you would like.  Each of our divisions have officers that are here to help you.


Our club provides members that are professional drivers with many years of pulling experience.  We have pulling equipment that meets or exceeds the safety requirements at all pulling events.  

We would like to give special thanks to the fair boards, groups and individuals who have invited our classes to participate in your events. We look forward to getting the green flag to bring you even more crowd pleasing, tractor and truck pulling excitement in the coming seasons!

Contact Information

Brad Harper  -  937-603-0447

Brian Reid - 937-763-2417

Chris Stingley - 937-604-0714

Tim Kirk - 937-790-6018

Our mailing address is:


Attn: Chris Stingley

3658 Harveysburg Road

Waynesville, Ohio 45068

Our Divisions

Chris Stratton

Wichester Wholesale

18856 St Rt 136

Winchester, OH 45697

OMTPA Classes

Multi Engine Modified Tractors

Single Engine Modified Tractors

Modified 2WD Trucks

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

Naturally Aspirated Super Stock Tractors

IP Address

Multi Engine Modified Tractor Division

1st  -  Walt Biggs - The Driller
2nd -  Randy Aber - Midnight Express
3rd  -  Brian Reid - Blown Income
4th  -  Brad Harper - Double Time
5th  -  Todd & Mark Kise - Blue Thunder

We are always welcoming sponsors.  If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsorship please contact Brad, Brian, Chris, Tim or Renee Harper at  937-603-0448. 

Thank you!

​Stage 1 Pulling Team

Modified 2WD Truck Division

1st  -  Ben Browder - Midnight Rose
2nd -  David Coterel - Back in Black
3rd  -  Jeremy Ellison - Double Shot
4th  -  Tiffany Aber - Bandit
5th  -  Vince Bick - Black Days 

​Walt Biggs Metal Co

​Harper Farms and Trucking LLC

2019 Annual Meeting Notes

We are excited to announce our new division of Naturally Aspirated Super Stock Tractors!
The 2019 tentative schedule has been posted!

Check back soon for updated class rules.

The Club Registration Form has been updated here on the website and is in the Forms Tab.  Please remember that Club Dues were due before May 1st, 2019.  After May 1st, 2019 there was an additional fee.

2018 OMTPA Banquet Highlights

We had a great time celebrating our 10th annual OMTPA banquet! We would like to thank all of our sponsors that contributed, everyone that put in the work to make this possible, and our attendees.

Single Engine Modified Tractor Division

1st  -  Randy Aber - Mr. Chevy
2nd -  Devin Dawson - Family Feud 2
3rd  -  Mike Hurtt & Mike Palmer - Mean Irene
4th  -  Mark Dawson - Family Feud
5th  -  Chuck Stingley - Extreme Sting

Ohio Modified Tractor/Truck Pulling Association

Light Limited Super Stock Tractor Division

1st  -  Bill & Haden Anderson
2nd -  Chris Moore - Whistl'n Dixie
3rd  -  Gary Gotherman - Just Sayin
4th  -  Dave Perry - Dukes of Hazzard
5th  -  Bob Evans - Flight 2-70

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OMTPA would like to thank all of our sponsors that made our banquet possible!

We awarded our Top Five 2018 Points Winners in each division!

Light Pro Diesel Truck Division

1st  -  Ronnie Hall - Hall Pass

Steve Barker Machine Shop

2822 Jackson Pike

Batavia, Oh 45103


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